We need a super committee to recommend reform!

How Do I Know Our Governance Structure is Broken?

Because when the dispute happened over our previous leaders expenses it resulted in total chaos with many lawyers retained. People resigned from the Conservative Canada Fund and our long serving Executive Director was forced out. All this over an expenditure under $25,000. What Party can afford to operate this way?

Current CPC Structure

Currently the CPC has three parts to its governance structure: National Council, Conservative Canada Fund and the Party Leader. You can read about their responsibilities and how they interact with each other in the Party Constitution at the link.

Confusion as to Roles & Reporting

One of the problems with this structure is that there is often confusion and disputes when it comes to responsibilities and reporting. Even long time Conservative stalwarts are hard pressed to explain how it all works. This is why you see so many constitution amendments regarding the relationship between these three entities including in this year’s package at link. You will get to vote on these.

Undemocratic and Secretive

Another problem with the current structure is that it is undemocratic and secretive which goes against our values as a grassroots Party. Can anyone name who is on the Conservative Canada Fund? The members are appointed by the current leader. If you go to the Conservative.ca website you see MPs, Senators, National Councilors and even EDA Presidents listed. But not Conservative Canada Fund members who control the purse strings. This reeks of elitism and paternalism.

Let’s Establish a Super Committee to Review and Recommend

The current governance structure was created when the new Conservative Party was formed after the merger between the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservatives on December 7th, 2003. It is time this structure is reviewed. We should set up a super committee with MPs, Senators, National Councilors, Presidents, and anyone else who can make a contribution. This body should study our current structure, compare it with others, and make a recommendation as to whether we keep it or try something else. If a major revision is recommended then this can be voted on at the next convention.