Let’s put all the great Conservative content in one news hub.

It’s 2021

When I first came across “The Blueprint: Canada’s Conservative Podcast” I thought our Party had finally gotten it. Here we were producing our own content that we can share with our supporters and the public at large. Yet only a small fraction of our 250,000 members are aware The Blueprint exists because it’s not promoted.

Content is King

In today’s internet driven world the cost of putting up a news site is nil. As a result there are millions of news and opinion platforms. What differentiates them are good, authentic content get huge traffic numbers. Fortunately for us the Conservative Party has some of the best news content creators in the country.

Our MPs and Senators daily produce excellent video and print news and commentary. Unfortunately we see it in the dying news media or on social media that hates us, not on our site.

Lets put content on our site first and then share it with the other platforms. Our supporters should see our content first.

News Media is Dying

The news media is dying because it is biased, boring and predictable. Government subsidies are just delaying the inevitable. Continuing to rely on them to fairly spread our message is insanity.

Social Media Hates Us

Social media is built on us providing free content it sells. Why are we supporting companies that hate us? Especially if they cancel us for the merest deviation from the official narrative.

Meaningful Engagement

In addition to putting up the great content our politicians and staff produce we need to meaningfully engage with the visitors to our platform. This means genuine response to good faith comments and questions. People will come to our site just for the ability to ask questions and see them answered publicly.

One of the Top Visited News Sites in Canada

Our news and engagement site would be one of the top visited in the country. It is easy and cheap to do. Conservative supporters could stay informed by supporting us.