We Need Better Membership Engagement

Currently our over 250,000 members do not feel respected by the Party. At best we are a source of donations, at worst an annoyance to be worked around.

Timely information and better Party access would create a passionate army of advocates. An invaluable asset in spreading our message on social media, in coffee shops and in the workplace. It would also help recruit volunteers, especially at election time.

eBook About the CPC

Upon becoming a member and at renewal every member should get a Conservative Party of Canada eBook. This document explains how the Party works. It explains how a member can get involved. It includes a history section highlighting our many achievements. It also references other relevant conservative materials such as books, media, and organizations.

News Releases to Members First

Members should be the first to know about what their Party is up to. Especially if they can use this info to spread our side of the story. It makes no sense that we have to find out about our Party by watching the CBC (which is still suing us).

Ask the Party Anything

There should be a hub on the CPC website that lets members ask questions. All questions and answers would be publicly displayed.


Why not ask us what we are thinking on a regular basis?

Event Directory

Members should be able to find out what events are available in their regions. This would also help Boards with event scheduling.

Communications Control

Every member should have a choice of the type and frequency of messaging received by the Party. Currently it is on or off.

Members APP

It’s 2021 for goodness sakes. Every member should get an app that lets you do the above. It also enables you to check on information such as membership status, donations made, events attended, questions asked, etc.