Let’s Talk about What’s Happening

According to many long time members we are witnessing something that is unprecedented in the Conservative Party of Canada since it was founded on December 7th, 2003. Single issue groups are getting involved in the election of our National Councilors in BC.

It is the very nature of politics for people who feel passionate about an issue to seek to persuade others, to share their views, and to do something about it.

  • The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has been pushing lower taxes and deficits for many decades. Their heads are exploding at Trudeau’s COVID spending and how it will burden Canada with unsustainable debt for generations killing growth and prosperity.
  • The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights is mounting an all out attack against Bill C-21 which is a huge step back for gun ownership in Canada. Criminals with illegal guns are given kids gloves treatment while law abiding citizens are being stripped of their ability to defend themselves.
  • An army of organizations are pushing back against Trudeau’s treatment of the oil and gas industry. Businesses are dying, towns are dying and people are literally killing themselves in despair.

These are all huge issues, in many cases life and death, and yet not one of these organizations has sought to run delegate slates with the purpose of electing National Councilors.

I have not been asked one single question by delegates on my views on the above issues as a condition of getting their vote. Yet I have been asked at least 50 times about my views on pro-life issues and I still have a long ways to go to get through the list.

Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith Weekly Newsletter 2: January 24, 2021

Candidates need to have some self awareness: If you are passionate about a single controversial issue, start an advocacy group or blog about it. If you want to be on the ballot and say whatever the hell you want, run as an independent. If you are unelectable, don’t run at all. Don’t ruin the re-election chances for everyone else.

Improper Influence of National Councilors

The job of a National Councilor has very little do with policy. (Read Section 8.7 of our Constitution for a list of powers and responsibilities.) It’s role is more governance related.

The one area where National Council may have an impact is with its handling of candidate nomination disputes. So if a single issue organization is endorsing National Council candidates based on this duty it would be fair to assume that candidates who have accepted these endorsements have agreed to put their finger on the scale for this issue. They no longer represent the big tent of Conservatives but one particular segment. Even if they have not there is still an appearance of bias. This should not happen.

Social Value Conservatives vs Single Issue Advocates

As a result of the last leadership race the Conservative Party membership swelled to a record 280,000. These should be our greatest resource and not just for fundraising. I have an extensive post on how we can better support and utilize our new members at this link.

Many of these new members joined because of certain social issues. Here’s how I see the options.

Social value Conservatives put the Conservative Party first.

Single issue advocates put their issue first.

Social value Conservatives contribute to the Party by volunteering, donating, sitting on boards and running for office.

Single issue advocates only help single issue candidates and policies.

Social value Conservatives understand they are one part of a broad coalition, by working together they will get a little of what they want. Otherwise we all go backwards with Trudeau in power.

Single issue advocates are just using the Party as vehicle to further their cause.

Social value Conservatives want people who do the volunteer work to be rewarded with the convention delegate spots.

Single issue advocates only want single issue delegates, even if they have just joined the Party.

But Derek Sloan

I understand people are very upset at how Derek Sloan was treated. Using the $131 donation as an excuse is weapons grade stupidity which should result in those who came up with it to be permanently exiled to the North Pole. But at the end of the day it was the Conservative Party Caucus that voted to expel MP Sloan. Many of these are social values Conservatives. The BC Caucus is mostly social value Conservatives. MP Ed Fast who is a social value Conservative was just given the top job of Finance Critic. It is not fair to say that there is no place for social values in the Conservative Party.

Our Future?

If single issue advocacy organizations are successful in electing National Councilors you will see a huge change in the future. Other advocacy groups will organize for the next convention. We will then be selecting National Councilors based on narrow policy issues and not whether they are the best to help the Conservative Party of Canada win.

An election is expected shortly. We need to focus on beating Trudeau.